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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Braylee trying to figure out who's coat this is
cali and bray eating

kids getting pink lemon-aid with pink heart ice cubes
Lining up again for more


Cali drinking her raspberry sherbet, pink lemon aid, and sprite drink. I think she liked it cause she just kept drinking it
All the kids drinking their drinks and eating their special valentines heart shaped pizza
heart shaped pizzia
eating their popcorn and watching lady and the tramp
The drink bar / keep the kids out of the kitchen table

The V-day Party

i made these hearts
and all of these hearts and puff balls
i made these heart ice cubes
mom made the cup cakes then i decorated this table
it all looked pretty great and it got Davids party approval. At the end of every party David always tells us what he thought about the party

Saturday, September 18, 2010

CHeck ouT my Sweet HAir!!!! i slept with it in and it still looks the same
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My hair

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HOMe coMinG FoOt bAll

Friday, May 21, 2010

THE LAST DAY WITH AUBRI we got dressed to go and see grandma I did coopers hair Sadie and lexi are best friends they do everything together

Mom and I planted a garden last Saturday.We planted tomato's, green peepers, and jalapenos in big pots.
Me watering the garden
Mom labeled what we planted on little sticks The final result
Isn't it B E A Utiful !!!!

Little Callie playing xbox and she loves it!!!!!
I changed my room around
I like my room like this but there is a little shelf above mt head and i keep hitting my head. One night i had a glass of water on the shelf had some how i maneged to hit it off. the water got all over me i was soaked, and it scared me when the water hit me so i also hit my head on the shelf.
those are flowers that Aubri and josh gave me for my birthday. that is also my lovely thing of water know i don't even have to go to the kitchen any more. Its so convenient

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DAnce TiMe

David Sadie AND ME have been doing a lot of dancing. i found out that my xbox lets me plug my mp3 player into it. and it showes a lot of lights on the screen

Sunday Dinner
Braxton David Sadie and dad had a lot of fun on the slide. they were sliding there cars down it and their bodies

This was the only time He went down on his butt he preferred going head first on his stomach it was funny